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That could provide animals like Ivy with the medications needed to help heal their wounds.
Which could help fund emergency surgeries that save lives.
That could help RSPCA QLD Inspectors rescue animals like Ivy, and bring them to safety.

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There is no excuse for leaving an animal in pain

Ivy was horribly injured by another dog in her own backyard. There were open wounds all over her face and body. But her owner didn’t take her to the vet.

Poor Ivy was left to suffer for days after being involved in a vicious dogfight. Her head was swollen, infected fluid was seeping from her ears, and this sweet-natured three-year-old Staffy cross was also severely underweight.

Ivy needed immediate medical attention – it could not have been more clear.

This winter, we’re expecting more than 1,025 animals to come through our shelter doors. Like Ivy, many will need urgent vet care and complex surgeries. Please will you help?

Ivy needed extensive vet treatment to recover from her devastating condition – fluids, pain relief, a whole host of antibiotics and other medications, surgeries on her ears and leg, and more. But it was worth all the time and effort to see her turn into the happy, healthy and loving dog she is today.

That’s the power you have – by making a generous, tax-deductible
donation today, you’ll help transform the lives of animals like Ivy.